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About Candlier

Come share our passion for intriguing accents that inspire and decorative elements designed to delight the imagination. The beauty of our decorative items lies in its perfect fuse of technology and creativity. These items are manufactured using advanced techniques to produce best quality acrylic, which is evident in its 20 years young expert craftsmanship. Our pieces feature mulit-colored LED lights refracted to create a crystalline, multi-angle spectacle. It's a marvel for adults and children, at any interior, day or night.

These ready-to-sell pieces make very affordable stylish statements. Each piece is its individual, thoughtfully designed with different motifs.
Whether you are looking for simple elegance or dazzling charm, you will find something that meets your decorative needs.

Quality Assurance

As a direct importer of the Candlier Collection, you are assured of exceptional quality at outstanding value. Our manufacturer is ISO 9002 certified and has successfully delivered quality acrylic products to international market for over 20 years. They developed a patent-pending technology, which involves a unique process of engineering acrylic combined with LED technology to produce optical effects that of fine lead crystal. Together we bring you exquisite decorative pieces that are unparalleled in the market.